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Born on October 5th, 1951 in Buenos Aires, Argentina to parents Modesto and Filomena, Mario grew up in a traditional Italian home with a strong emphasis on music. A major spiritual and inspirational influence for Mario was his older sister Antonia, also a talented musician, who was lost tragically to the family when Mario was just 9 years old. Taught to play the accordian and a vast repertoire of Italian folk songs, ultimately Mario's disposition for jazz was sparked when his father brought home a used piano.

At 13, Mario emigrated from Argentina to Canada, a new language and a new culture. Immigrants once more, Mario's hardworking parents built a new life for their family in Canada. Encouraged to practice the piano in-between middle school and working on construction sites alongside his father, Mario quickly developed the musical chops and maturity that could only originate from the unique experience of 3 cultures and an eternally migrating but close family. Passionately in love with Canada, Mario promotes his adopted country as the world's most humanized and romantic, where one can live and create their dreams freely.

After 36 years, Mario has recently returned to the music scene practicing arduously and reawakening the young jazz talent within.

Mario went on to study music composition and performance at York University and was quickly recognized as an exceptional talent on the Toronto music scene. At that time, Mario appeared on CBC Radio with Freddie Stone, Pat Labarbera and Dave Young. New directions and opportunities emerged when Mario married Nadia and started a family together. They have 4 children. Compelled by events he himself recognizes as fateful, Mario began his own business and became a prominent player in real estate development. As President of the Castlepoint Group, over the past 25 years Mario emerged as an industry maverick and is responsible for the creation of several communities and over 8000 homes across the Greater Toronto Area.

He is also the biggest land owner and developer in the new waterfront of Toronto.

His success has triggered a deep humanitarian vocation that has defined his philanthropic efforts both locally and internationally.