Mario is a Board Director with some of Canada's most significant charities, hospitals and humanitarian organizations.

Giving generously to the Passionate Sisters Convent and Chabad Richmond Hill demonstrates some of Mario's ecumenical convictions. With the provision of land and cash from Mario, these Christian and Jewish organizations have built new community centres and places of worship. He and his family have been honoured by having the Chabad Richmond Hill synagogue named the Chabad Romano Centre. A privilege given to very few Christians.

Support to various hospitals is also a priority for Mario, including the building of a full operating hospital in Africa with the WE Organization (Free The Children).

An avid supporter of the arts, Mario along with others, spearheaded the building of the Art Gallery of Ontario's 'Galleria Italia', a wing of the AGO dedicated to Italian Culture and Art.

He sponsors and supports many students, not only in music but in science, medicine, etc.

Mario has received numerous honours, among them by the House of Lords in London for his work with F.R.O.D.O Kids. This is part of his ongoing commitment to sponsoring impoverished children around the world through various organizations.

Most recently, Mario funded surgery overseas and recovery for many children in Canada with cerebral palsy that the medical system in Ontario would not pay for.





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mario romano donates to the WE global learning center

The WE Global Learning Center is a community space in Canada equipped with world-class technology, leadership programs, social issues workshops and event rentals. The Romano Family is one of the founding visionaries for this learning center. 

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March 2017

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mario romano funds SURGERIES FOR CHILDREN WITH cerebral palsy

Mario Romano donated over one million dollars and counting, donated to Ontario families with children suffering with cerebral palsy and needing the SDR surgery at the Saint Louis Children's Hospital.

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august 2016


mario romano supports the marc and craig kilburger brother we organization

The WE Organization, (formerly known as Free The Children). It is a worldwide development charity and youth empowerment movement founded in 1995 by human rights advocates Craig Kielburger and Marc Kielburger.  The organization focuses on young people, with programs in Canada, the U.S. and U.K. for service learning and active citizenship, and international development projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America focused on children and education.

Mario Romano is a major contributor to the Marc and Craig Kilburger Brother WE Organization, which saw the following results:

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  • Baraka Surgical Hospital - Kenya
  • Faculty of Medicine - WE College - Kenya
  • Looking Beyond Mara Project - working with youth and families from the slums and provide support and opportunity for changes.
  • Women's Empowerment Centre in rural India to provide marginalized women access to capacity building workshops and resources to generate a sustainable source of income.
  • Sacred Circle - empowering a generation of youth from first nations to become leaders in their communities.
  • WE Learning Centre - a gift to Canadian youth to honour Canada 150.
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september 2013

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mario romano donates to una voce per padre pio (hospital)

"Mario Romano has donated the $900,000 record at the Hospital Relief of Suffering of San Giovanni Rotondo Hospital." -Lo Specchio Newspaper.
Read the full article on Lo Specchio HERE.
Read the full article on Panorama HERE.

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mario romano is an avid supporter of hospitals in canada

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humber river hospital

Generous contribution for the capital building campaign of the hospital as well as the opening of Operating Room #16.

Opening of Operation Room #16, which was funded by the Romano Family.

Opening of Operation Room #16, which was funded by the Romano Family.


sunnybrook hospital

Generous participant towards the building of state of the art hybrid cardiac operating unit.


Contributed towards capital campaign to build a state of the art palliative centre in Vaughan which will serve communities far beyond Vaughan encatchment area.


vaughan hospital

Contributed towards capital campaign to build new hospital in Vaughan.


supporting art bound

Providing support through Art Bound to bring art to schools around the globe for the underprivileged.

Providing support to Canadian arts and artists through the McMichael Gallery.

Providing support to Canadian arts and artists through the McMichael Gallery.

Nanny Angel Network.jpg

Supporting Nanny Angels, which supports families undergoing cancer treatment.

JANUARY 7, 2009


mario romano donates to Chabad richmond hill

"Chabad Richmond Hill Opens New Building"

"Land developer Mario Romano, who is also contributing to the cost of the synagogue, donated the land to Chabad."

JANUARY 7, 2009


chabad romano named after mario romano

Chabad Romano

Synagogue named after Mario Romano, in honour of his support and donation.



il presidente del senato marini in canada - panorama italian-canadian

AUGUST 6, 2007


"for the love of art - and country" - toronto star

september 16, 1999



january 13, 1996